SocialGood App Review | SocialGood Invitation Code: BAZDR2

SocialGood app started in 2019 and it is still growing today. With their app you have nothing to lose, you just have to buy something within stores listed inside their app and you get up to 100% cashback. For example – for AliExpress you get 100% cashback in SG – SocialGood token. There is many stores listed, all depends on country where are you from.

SocialGood Invitation code: BAZDR2

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So actually you are buying for free from AliExpress as you get 100% cashback in SG tokens – you can then instantly sell those tokens if you want, hodl them or trade them for other crypto. SocialGood app is absolutely the best crypto cashback app in 2022.

You have to download SocialGood app on your mobile phone – can be Android or iOS device, go to your Google Play or App Store and download it and do registration – it will take you less than a minute. then just look at stores listed inside app and choose it. After you buy something within few hours it will show into your app your purchase and you will be rewarded when your order completed.

Behind this project is registered company in Japan, called Social Good Foundation Inc. and this mean you do not have to worry about it. It is all safe and working on the market for a few years and still growing and they are making new features time-by-time.


+ Fast registration

+ 100% cashback for some stores like AliExpress

+ You can buy up to $10,000 each purchase and unlimited purchases

+ On market since 2019

+ Good support


  • Not so many stores
  • Can’t buy in direct app (for example AliExpress app)
  • For some stores there is no high cashback