FAQ about Pi Network

What is Pi Network?

Pi Network is the real project with over 40 million registered people in less than 2 years. Ultimate goal is to create world’s most used (adopted) cryptocurrency. Some kind of alternative to Bitcoin, with much more benefits and better user experience.

Is Pi Network legit?

Yes, Pi Network is totally legit project with transparent informations regarding their team.

How much is Pi Network (Pi coin) worth (value / price)?

Currently it is worth actually 0 (zero). Pi will get value / price in Phase 3.

What phase is Pi Network in?

Currently we are in Phase 2 from 3. This means Pi is not yet available for trading on exchanges.

How to increase mining speed in Pi Network app?

The only option to do this is to invite your friends and add them to security circle.

What is KYC and how to do it?

KYC is “Know Your Customer”, it is some kind of user verification. There you have to provide your ID / passport to prove your identity. You will be invited to KYC by Pi Network Core Team. There is not available any faster option.

What is IAT and how to activate it?

IAT is In-App Transfer. With this option you can transfer your Pi to others. There is no option to activate it, you will need to wait for invitation by Pi Netwrok Core Team.

Is Pi Network next Bitcoin?

In current stage it is hard to say, but this project is absolutely something really good (huge potential). Only time will show.

How much is Pi Network potential price?

Depends on many factors. We can predirect in start will be from $1 to $10 and later probably more. Max supply and circulation supply are still not known.